Car paint distributor


All our paints are the result of the latest advances in chemistry research.

Developed by renowned manufacturers such as AkzoNobel, the world leader in the paint market, and PPG, they bring you plenty of competitiveness through :

  • Their great covering power ;
  • Their optimized performance ;
  • Their perfect durability and resistance to the influences of weather and chemicals ;
  • Their wide range of subtle pigments, which effectively catches the light.

Thanks to the formulation of new materials, they’re both environmentally friendlier and boast a greater technical performance.

They also address the health and environmental issues of the 21st century, particularly with their low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions through the reduction in chemical solvents. Research in this area continues to progress.

This long-standing privileged partnership allows us to address all your problems with great proactiveness and personalized solutions, such as training on their use, for example.

Our products have no secrets for our team. We offer personalized consulting service, complete training service, and practical delivery service, no matter your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our expert technicians to learn everything about application techniques, the properties of our products, and any other information relating to your order.